Upcoming Events

Xeno® Basic Training

Session 1: Project, Import and Explore Tabs
  • Tues March 11 11-12 PDT

Session 2: Analyze Tab
  • Thurs March 13 11-12 PDT

Session 3: Model Tab - Classer
  • Tues March 18 11-12 PDT

Session 4: Model Tab - Scorecard
  • Thurs March 20 11-12 PDT

Registration links are available in the News section of your Xeno project page.

Strategy Trees® Training

Session 1: Basic Training
  • Wed March 12 11-12:30 PDT

  • Session 2: Beyond Basics
    • Wed March 19 11-12 PDT

    "Any time I have to do reject inference, I always try to convince the client to have us use Xeno--the inference module is easy to use and explain. Xeno is also a good tool to get a quick idea of how valuable a variable is or for quick testing."

    Ken Krzywicki
    Manager, Analytical Solutions
    What We Do

    InfoCentricity® is an analytic solutions company that can help you easily discover and leverage key insights hidden in your data.

    InfoCentricity's Xeno® and Strategy Trees product lines and consulting services leverage our breadth of experience and depth of expertise to solve your business challenges and strengthen your analytic capabilities.

    Built with a flexible modular structure, Xeno easily accommodates all levels of analytic sophistication and all types of data. This inherent adaptability supports a family of products that can meet the needs of multiple risk management and marketing functions across a wide range of industries, including:

    • Financial Services
    • Retail
    • Direct mail/catalog
    • Telecommunications
    • Utilities
    • E-commerce

    Whatever your industry or your analytic needs, our products and services put the power of predictive analytics at your fingertips so you can rapidly extract and apply valuable insights from your data. The end result: timely and profitable decisions. 

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